Rental Car Relocation – List of ALL the Rental Cars Needing Relocation in the USA

Rental Car companies are always needing to move their vehicles between branches around America.

For example, a large number of international visitors hire a rental car or RV from a major center and then end their journey in a smaller town with much less demand for rental cars.

The trouble with this is that the rental car companies end up with a large numbers of rental cars and RV’s in certain cities. How do they get them back to the main centres in time for the next full paying customer?

That’s where you come in. You can return one of these rental cars/campervans for them:

  • Sometimes the rental car hire is free and you just pay for your petrol
  • Sometimes they give you 50% off the rental car
  • Sometimes it’s totally free and they even pay for the Inter-islander Ferry!

If I’ve missed any on the following list, let me know in the comments below.

List of Rental Cars and RV’s Needing Relocation

Take a peek at all of them at once

  1. TorontoDriveAway.comCars, Trucks, Motorhomes to and from Toronto and Southern Ontario
  2. HitTheRoad.caBetween Florida and Canada
  3. ApolloRV.comRVs
  4. CruiseAmerica.comYoull need to call them to find out what they have
  9. JucyRVRentals.comOccassionally have relocations

Take a peek at all of them at once

Websites that list many rental cars from many brands needing relocation

If you are thinking of creating a aggregator website to list all rental cars needing returning from lots of different rental car companies, think again because these websites do that already!

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5 thoughts on “Rental Car Relocation – List of ALL the Rental Cars Needing Relocation in the USA

  1. I will be travelling between Toronto and Vancouver in July/August and would be available to re-locate a hire vehicle in either direction.

  2. I arrive in San Francisco on Aug 23rd and working my way across the US, so available to relocate vehicles from San Fran to Los Angeles / Las Vegas, then onto Phoenix all the way to Chicago and finally across to Washington DC.

    If any rental company requires any relocations, let me know.

    I have driven well in excess of 1.25 million miles with safety being the primary objective.

  3. Hi I am available to relocate a car from Hartford CT to San Francisco starting January 16th, 2020. If any of the major rental companies require this particular re-location, please contact me via the supplied email address. Kindest regards, Mark

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