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FAQs about RV Relocation Deals, Camper Van and Rental Car Relocation in the USA

Here’s a list of questions I am frequently asked (if you have a question to add to this list, add it to the comments section below):

Q: “What are the location limitations of rental car relocation’s?”

Mostly limited to trips back to the major cities.

Q: “How much will the insurance excess be?”

Often the insurance excess will be up to US$1000 and not negotiable!

Q: “Do i need a special license to drive the RV’s?”

No, as long as your license is in English or you have a sworn translation from your embassy then you will not need a special RV license is huge, like a bus.

Q: “How long do you have to book ahead?”

Often booking in the weeks leading up to the booking will be sufficient however this changes with the type of relocation.

Q: “Fuel, who pays for it?”

Sometimes the relocation deal will have a fuel allowance this is often just a contribution towards your trip and not the entire amount required for the trip, any fuel used in excess of this will have to be paid for from your own back pocket!

Q: “Are the RV’s fully equipped?”

The campers are generally fully equipped with the odd exception of sometimes having a linen hire on top of the other fees.

Q: “Who can do a rental car relocation?”

Often you will need a clean drivers license and be over the age of 21 and under the age of 75 unless you have a recent medical certificate.

Q: “What does it feel like to do a rental car relocation?”

Fantastic! What could be better than seeing the US countryside on a shoe string budget?

Q: “How do I make sure I don’t miss out?”

If you are not prompt when relocation deals come up you might miss out completely!

Do you have any other questions? Have I missed something? Please share your comments in the space below!

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